Get your portrait taken!
FBA_Icon_CameraWe’ve got a schedule of available times here. We’d love to see you for a few minutes during the conference in our suite to take your portrait. These photos will be less headshots and more creative soul-full images. Some photos (and subsequent interviews) will be chosen to be included in the print version of Flawed but Authentic, Embracing MySelf.
Show up for the party!
FBA_Icon_PartyYay! Party time! We’ve got two chances to win free oils, water flavored with essential oils, herbs & fruits, hand massages and the portrait studio. Need a relaxing and comforting boost? Plan to drop by. If you can’t make it for the Friday night party, make an appointment to come over some other time during the conference.
Learn more about essential oils!
FBA_Icon_OilWe’ll have doTERRA essential oils on hand and someone ready to talk about them with you during the conference. Email if you want some one-on-one time to talk about oils and healing. Learn more here.

Are you a Storyteller? Please make sure and say hello to Leah!