Who’s behind the Flawed but Authentic party?

Leah_sq500 Leah Peterson helps people tell their stories. (Most of them are true.) She shoots photos, writes, and underwent amazing life-changes to get her lupus and other serious health-issues into remission. Leah is a Health & Wellness Mentor, loves to manipulate WordPress with CSS and HTML and is passionate about helping others improve their lives and embrace their true selves.
Leahpeah | @leahpeah
katie Katie Gardner is an Oregon Native who is currently making up for years of lost sun in San Diego, California. One of her biggest passions in life is to capture the stories around her on whatever medium she has handy. Whether it’s her camera, audio recorder, digital video, or pencil and journal, she approach all projects with the same goal: to create authentic and emotionally moving images that tell the stories of the people and places she’s shooting. Photo credit: The Image is Found
Katie Gardner Photo | @katiegardner
AR4cropsmAlexandra Uman is a licensed motorcycle rider, new wife, coffee lover and rockstar event planner. She creates beautiful moments that make life magical.

Alex lives in the Los Angeles area and loves to travel!
Alex Events.ME

Shanah WisleyShanah Wisley has been a massage therapist for 10 years. While specializing in deep tissue work, Shanah is also hugely supportive of the mind-body connection and believes that your mind must be at ease before your body can follow. “Aromatherapy, along with listening to each client’s specific needs is key to preparing the whole person, mind and body, for what is sure to be a healing experience.
Shanah Wisley Massage
Addye NievesIn my past lives, I was a Texas born military brat & junior dog handler with dreams of winning Best in Show at Westminster, a police officer in the United States Air Force, and a single mother navigating the rough transition from military to civilian life. These days I’m a woman finding my way through the ebb & flow of simply being my flawed but authentic self. I’m a writer who believes in the power of transparency & vulnerability in storytelling, and an artist who finds beauty in the chaotic & broken. I’m also a mental health & social justice advocate who writes openly about the realities of navigating motherhood & mental illness, as well as race & equality, hoping that doing so empowers and challenges others to grow beyond what they think they know about living as an “Other” in our society.
Butterfly Confessions | @addyeB
AmyTurnSharpMy name is Amy Turn Sharp and I’m your girl. I’m a poet and a wild one. I write poems and other such nonsense on the internet. I also work in the social space for an ad agency and freelance for magazines. I have the prerequisite first novel in a drawer at my house. My family owns a little cottage industry called Little Alouette. We’re toymakers. It’s pretty cool.
Amy Turn Sharp | @amyturnsharp
RobinPlemmonsMy name is Robin Plemmons and I am an overly enthusiastic (yet not annoying) cheerleader at heart & my hope is that you, too will find out what the hell you need to be doing with your life & go do just that. I create greeting cards that say things like, “Congratulations on making a human with your genitals” & “Dry humping. Kinda fun. Mostly chafe-y.” I think everyone needs encouragement. From yo mama to Obama. Everyone. And that’s my mission- to encourage growth & to inspire change & to help you love yourself more.
Balls to the Wall, Yall | @robinplemmons
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