Be in the Book!

FBA_Icon_CameraUPDATE: We’re all full! How exciting! Can’t wait to connect with you all. We’re starting a waiting list in the event scheduled people need to cancel. If you want to be added to that list, please email Leah. And make sure and drop by the Friday night party! <3 (Portraits that night will be first-come-first-served.) Make an appointment to get your portrait taken in the Flawed but Authentic suite! Our favorite photos will be assembled in a book with short interviews. (All the photos will be available online.) These photos will be less headshots and more creative soul-full images.

Check the calender below for open time slots and email with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice requested times. Need to check the Blogher Conference Schedule? (You can find it here.)

11:00am Alexandra Williams @AlexandraFunFit
11:10am Angèle Lafond @shoeboxbegone
11:20am Janis Elspas @MommyBlogExpert
11:30am Lindsay @89linz
11:40am Jennifer Denning @redheadedjen
11:50am Jamie Gall @jamiegall1930
12:00pm RESERVED

2:30pm Patricia A. Patton @BoomerWiz
2:40pm Elle @MrsElleG
2:50pm Beeb Ashcroft @hardertobreathe
3:00pm Lucrecer Braxton @lucrecerbraxton
3:10pm Mary Hall @Recessionista
3:20pm Angeline Longshore
3:30pm Rachael Moshman @RachaelMoshman
3:40pm Kate Canterbury @guavalicious
3:50pm Raquel Pineira @OrganizedIsland
9-11pm Friday night party time! Drop by the room and help us celebrate being exactly who you are, right this very moment! Photo ops first come, first served!

11:00am Courtney Macavinta @TheRespectInst
11:10am Martina P. Callum MD @doccallum
11:20am Susan Petcher @learndhappiness
11:30am Lizz Porter @lizz_porter
11:40am Cheryl Stober @cherylstober
11:50am Phyllis Myung @phyllismyung
12:00pm RESERVED

2:30pm AJ Feuerman @AmandaJoy
2:40pm Julie Dellinger @JoulesDellinger
2:50pm Danielle Barnsley @danielleb_c
3:00pm Stacey Nerdin @StaceyNerdin
3:10pm Kimberly Hensle Lowrance @redshutters
3:20pm Kim Rohrer @kimskitchensink
3:30pm Helen @SaysHelen
3:40pm Tammy Soong @worldsworstmoms
3:50pm Erica C. @MamasMission
4:00pm Jenni Chiu @MommyNaniBooboo
4:10pm Jennifer P. Williams @Jen_P_Williams
4:20pm Elaine Ambrose @AmbroseElaine
4:30pm Jessica Urgelles @Bluegrass_Belle

9:00am Valerie Mitchell @valerie2350
9:10am Chrysa Duran @ThriftyJinxy
9:20am Kay Lynn Akers @kaylynnakers
9:30am Rita Alarcon @one2try
9:40am Ashley Garrett @Baddest_Mother
9:50am Corine Musgrove @findingcorine
10:00am Erica Dermer @CeliacBeast
10:10am Jen Myronuk @jenmyronuk
10:20am Raquel Fagan @hipcheckmedia
10:30am Jana Seitzer @merlotmommy
10:40am Lisa @mommysquared
10:50am Katie Sluiter @ksluiter
11:00am Nancy Hill @Nerthus